My dream!

         It all started as soon as i had fallen asleep, and the nigntmare had begun. i was away from something, i couldnt quite tell what it was at first, but the thing kept on coming closer, and closer, extremely fast, my heart was pounding out of my chest, even how fast i ran i couldnt outrun the monster. it finally got so close that i could finally see what it was, IT WAS MY MOM! But this wasnt my ordinary nice, sweet mom, no, it was some sort of hideous, but my mom in real life is beutiful. This mom like thing was hideous and super fast. I also remeber that this thing kept on yelling, “i love you!” in a very very ugly voice, so ugly that my ears started to bleed. The thing suddenly grabbed be in her arms and was about to hug me to death, that’s when i woke up. As soon as i woke up i ran into my mom’s room and woke her up just to tell her that i loved her. I had figured up what that dream had meant, i had not told my mom the whole day that i loved her, every single day aftyer that i tell my mom that i love her atleast fifty times a day, then give her a big hug, and i had never had that dream again. I have also chosen to write this whole thing as a story because, well to tell you the truth its the only way i could describe this the best way possible. i didnt want to do some kind of drawing or a toondoo thing because then i wouldnt be able to describe myself as much as i did in the story. Dont youthink it was good? i do. Also i think it gave the story ia little more excitement.

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What My Dad Could Of Done If Someone Had Payed Attention To His Dream

my dad

This is my dad, he was born in a very little town in mexico, it’s called Sahuaripa. His family was very close he had two sisters and one brother, he was the oldest. Sad part is that no one in his family even finished high school, except for him. He even got a scholarship to go study at the University of Hermosillo, but then my dad made a family, he married my mom, and soon my sisiter came, since my sister came my dad had to get a job , he decided to come to the U.S. and became a truck  , we then followed him, my dad just needed one more quarter to finish college. If someone had payed attention to my dad’s dreams he would of finished his studies and become and Agronomist Engineer. But in a way someone did listen to his dream, his dream was to come to the “otro lado” and he did.

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8 random things about me

1. i like jordan shoes.

2.i have 6 fractured fiungers cause i got thumped with a ball.

3. i’m going to drive an 88′ red ford f-150

4. i was wearing cammo

5. had braces for 4 years

6. my back i messed up, so i have to wear this thing

7. i have 8 lunares (moles) together

8. i might get my bottum braces again, and shes hot

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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